The theater, dance and performance marathon in Narva.

The theater marathon is waiting for participants of various theater and dance groups, as well as other artists, both professionals and amateurs, both adults and adolescents (accompanied by a leader or with the permission of an adult).

The project is organized by the Narva Creative Industry Hub ОBJEKT, the program is supported by EAS from the funds of the Regional Development Fund under the project number EU51523.


During the two-day conference to be held on April 26-27 in Narva, professionals from Estonia and abroad will present their vision of the modern theater, talk about the possibilities of using new technologies, share experiences and answer questions. There will be master classes where you can and should take part. A guided tour of Narva and its surroundings is also planned. This is followed by a presentation and discussion of the further development of the project and the registration of teams to participate in the competition.

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Aleksandr Kutsmezov

Project manager

+372 58370782


However, this is not all. To finish the entire creative distance, additional meetings with practitioners are needed: directors, actors, sound producers, lighting artists, producers, theater directors, marketing specialists. These are mentors who will be happy to share their experiences, conduct trainings and help the teams prepare their performances.
Meetings will be held twice a week in Narva on weekends:
May 11–12 (concept of setting and funding opportunities),
May 25–26 (form of staging: set design, choreography, light, sound),
June 15–16 (information technology in theater and marketing).
July is for vacation, but if someone wants to work independently for better result, we have no right to forbid you.
Our next meeting will be held in August, where you can present a prepared presentation, which will be evaluated with the participation of an experienced jury.

The best teams will reach the finish line of our marathon just in time for the Narva Opera Days. On this day, in front of the audience and in the presence of the jury members, the winners of the Narva Theater Marathon will be awarded. Winners will be granted with a trip to the theater festival in Europe.
However, we can say with confidence that, just like in any marathon, all participants are winners, as there is nothing more valuable than rewarding experience and new acquaintances.

Participation fee for a theater or studio

☝ Participation throughout the whole marathon for the team (maximum 5 people*):
140 € (payment by March 15) / 180 € (payment by May 10).

The price includes: a kick-off conference, lunch, a coffee break during the conference, a guided tour of Narva and the surrounding area, three two-day seminars with mentors, meals, partial compensation of transport, tickets to performances, a theater festival in Europe for the winners.

* We recommend that your team include: actors, producers, directors, marketers, technical staff.

Participation fee for a free listener

✌ If you do not have the opportunity to participate throughout the whole marathon, then the kick-off conference and seminars are open to the audience outside the general program.
Participation fee in the kick-off conference or seminar:
15 € (registration before March 15) / 25 € (registration before April 25) per person.
The price includes: conference program, lunch and a coffee break for two days, tickets for performances, a guided tour of Narva and the surrounding area.

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Yuri Muravitsky

Moscow, Russia

Director, playwright, actor, teacher, artistic director of the theater “18+”, winner of the National Theater Award Golden Mask 2012

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Tjasa Ferme

New York, USA

Actress, director, founder and artistic director of the Transforma theater


Artyom Gareyev

Tallinn, Estonia

Actor and director of the Russian Theater, award-winner of the Estonian Union of Theater Workers and the Estonian Capital of Culture Foundation in the nomination “The Best Theater Director of Estonia” in 2015


Aleksandr Tavgen

Tallinn, Estonia

IT specialist, software architect, IT architect of the play “Will / Not Be”, a member of the Audiokinetica union



Stepan Pekteyev

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Stage director


Julia Aug

Moscow, Russia

Director, theater and film actress, film award winner

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The project is organized by the Narva Creative Industry Hub ОBJEKT, the program is supported by EAS from the funds of the Regional Development Fund under the project number EU51523.