Besides presenting various theatre-related topics from practical contemporary creative industry trends, the interplay of theatre, neuroscience to inspiring digital technologies coming into creativity, this conference will examine the impact of digital revolution on performing arts within community-based and inclusive theatre’s expert panels. Topics are connected with contemporary theatre formats, art-experiments on stage and in life, economical aspects and social aspects – how it all can boost social-economical development?

The first ever TEATRIKUS & TechArt conference will be held in cooperation with Vaba Lava and under the support from EAS and European Structure Funds, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany.

Narva Vaba Lava


10:00–11:00 Opening reception
11:00–11:15 Conference opening

Welcome speech by: Alexander Kuchmezov, project manager

Pledging, tracking, voting, …
Technological conditions of contemporary theatre dramaturgy in recent productions of Rimini Protokoll

Imanuel Schipper, dramaturg of Rimini Protokoll, researcher, curator (DE)

This presentation will focus on how the „Data Revolution“ (Kitchin 2014) and the „datafication“ (Cukier 2013) takes place in dramaturgies of recent productions of Rimini Protokoll. It will show how Excel-Sheets, nonlinear databases and flowcharts took over ond how the focus of dramaturgy is softly moved from the producers to the audience. How do the public have to collaborate in productions like World-Climate Conference (2014), Homevisit Europe (2015) and State 1-4 (2016/2017) in order to create the content of the event. How is the concept of theatre, if there is no rehearsal anymore and the programme of the evening is produced by an algorithm?

Thoughts about theater

Margus Allikmaa, CEO of the Russian Theater (EE)
Margus Allikmaa talks about the strengths, weaknesses, dangers and opportunities of contemporary theater in Estonia. He discusses the dilemmas of theater management and dissolves the relationship between theater and business. How would the creative industry model work in the theater?

Technology showcase by TalTech Virumaa College


Theater of the new age
New principles of communication between the theater and the audience.

Yuri Muravitsky, the winner of the Golden Mask award, the winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (RU)
In the information era, the viewer is ready to perceive more and faster than the theater offers.
Yuri Muravitsky will talk about changing perception to multichannel, about new principles of interaction of expressive means in theater. He will share experience of using digital technology in reality, without using the technology itself. Moreover, he will describe the connection of new technologies and magical practices and rituals, as well as new ways of acting.

Biopotential – a new character in the theater

Tjasha Ferme, Performer, producer, founder and artistic director of Transforma Theatre (US)
We live in an exquisite age, full of challenges and possibilities, where everything is being remodeled and reinvented. New technologies have opened up new possibilities, which Tjaša wants to welcome into creative process. She wants to observe the effect of gender stereotyping on neural functioning of performers and audience members through displays of live EEG brain activity. What is the impact on the brain and behavior when we watch and internalize such content? How can we venture into new territory, possibly create new neural pathways, and explore new gender possibilities in the brain? If we transform these patterns can they be transmitted to our daughters and successive generations of women?
In this lecture she will present how they used the EEG technology to display live neural functioning in the theatre and as material transformed into visual and sound design.

Technology showcase by TalTech Virumaa College


Thoughts about the Baltoscandal festival and creative space SAAL

Priit Raud, Founder and artistic director of the creative space SAAL. Artistic director of the Baltoscandal festival.
Priit Raud will discuss the social situation in which we lived, when the first Baltoscandal festival (1990) was held, or when the creative space SAAL was opened. What has changed and what has not? How to compare these periods? How to compare the theater business in one country and another? Can the artistic principles of the festival and the performing arts center be used as sales argument?

How to keep up with the times?

Haide Männamäe, Toomas Tross, Marek Demjanov, Founders of the Piip and Tuut Theatre
In this lecture, the founders and the producer of the theater will talk about creation of a recipe for success of a small theater and events which ensure this success and which are not. What do you need to do to make theater noticeable and exciting to the public? How to find and keep your audience?

Panel discussion

Contemporary formats in theater, inclusive theater, digital technology in the performance arts, performance institution as a (creative) enterprise.

Creating conceptions in collaboration of teams, experts and audience, presentation of ideas.


Showcase programme: Svend E Kristensen (DK, Sew Flunk Fury Wit)
Showcase programme: Tjasha Ferme (US, Transforma Theater)

Showcase programme

Showcase programme: Svend E Kristensen (DK, Sew Flunk Fury Wit)
Showcase programme: Tjasha Ferme (US, Transforma Theater)


Coffee, theatrical yoga.

Technology showcase (Robotalu)

“Eksperiment” of Kinoteater

Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova, Theater observer (EE)
Henrik Kalmet, Paavo Piik ja Paul Piik, the initiators and leaders of the experiment (EE)
Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova will share the experience of the “Experiment” of Kinoteater. She will talk about how visiting theater during the year affects a person, who has seldom visited the theater before. Can it cause insanity, or vice versa, have a positive effect?
The initiators and leaders of the experiment will also share their vision.

Innovative technologies in theater

Artyom Gareyev, Actor and director of the Russian Theater (EE)
Aleksandr Tavgen, IT specialist, software architect (EE)
The main topic of the lecture is devoted to the theater and innovative technologies. Aleksandr and Artyom will talk about artistic concept and its personification, about new technologies as an expressive means for the realization of the idea. They will also share their experience in developing the idea of reflection and bifurcation using seven cameras for live broadcast in the play “Enemy”. Moreover, they will talk about creating an online voting system (EMA) for carrying out the idea of a performance with a non-linear plot and will demonstrate the voting system.

Innovative technologies in theater. Performance institution as a creative industry enterprise. Digital technologies for sales and marketing. Export and funding opportunities.


Guided tour in Narva

The organizers have the right to make changes in the program.