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Discover innovation at OBJEKT, Ida-Virumaa’s premier coworking hub. Our mission is to catalyze creativity and collaboration, offering cutting-edge facilities and a vibrant community to fuel your success. Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, OBJEKT is your space to thrive and contribute to Ida-Virumaa’s transformation. Join us and be part of the innovation wave reshaping our region.


Years in Operation

Innovating and crafting a vibrant workspace in Ida-Virumaa


Business Spaces

Tailored spaces fostering innovation and collaboration


Private Offices

Four exclusive offices designed for focus and productivity


Total Capacity

Versatile spaces for offices, events, and conferences

OBJEKT (Narva Loomeinkubaator SA), established in 2016, is a distinctive hub in Estonia dedicated to advancing the modern creative economy and entrepreneurship at local, regional, and Baltic levels. It offers a comprehensive multimedia center equipped with the latest in VR, interactive projections, post-production workstations, and a cyber sports arena. 

Serving both startups and the creative community, OBJEKT provides a range of development programs, master classes, and seminars with esteemed experts from Estonia and neighboring countries.

As a focal point for technological innovation and creativity, OBJEKT attracts young people and established enterprises alike, offering a dynamic space for ideas, projects, and collaboration. 

Over the last few years, OBJEKT has realised over 350 project with an immense reach across Estonia of 15,000+ participants.

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We believe in the power of great workspaces


Innovative workspaces designed for creativity and focus


A range of flexible packages to align with your business objectives.


A vibrant community fostering connections and growth

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We create powerful work environments

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