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OBJEKT Live Media Bootcamp

OBJEKT recently concluded its innovative free online media bootcamp, OBJEKT Live, drawing enthusiasts from various backgrounds eager to create their own podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, Insta-TV, and articles. This unique initiative offered participants a chance to engage with professionals from ERR (Estonian Broadcasting Corporation), ETV+, and many other renowned organizations.

Held over five days from February 4th to 10th, the bootcamp featured evening sessions dedicated to training and development, followed by a month of project development with mentorship support. This format provided a comprehensive learning experience, combining theory with practical application.

Open to individuals of all ages and skill levels, the bootcamp emphasized creativity and the desire to produce engaging content. Participants had the option to work independently or utilize the equipment provided at OBJEKT in Narva, facilitating a hands-on approach to content creation.

A noteworthy aspect of OBJEKT Live was its inclusive approach, offering the program in Russian to accommodate a diverse participant base. Following the bootcamp, all produced content was shared on a common platform, allowing participants to showcase their work and continue their creative endeavors with access to OBJEKT’s technology and resources.

This event not only provided valuable skills and knowledge to aspiring media creators but also enriched the content landscape with fresh, innovative ideas, marking another successful initiative by OBJEKT in supporting creative talent.

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