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Spinner Conference according to young people

5. aprillil toimub OBJEKT 17-26-aastastele noortele mõeldud konverents, mis on pühendatud olulistele oskustele edukaks karjääriplaneerimiseks. Osalemine on tasuta. Programm koosneb kolmest töötoast ja paneeldiskussioonist. Denis Antipenkov viib töötoa LinkedIn‘ist ja inglise keelest läbi. Denis töötab suurtes, rahvusvahelistes ettevõtetes, tunneb palgamisprotsessi ning tema töökeel on inglise keel. Ta räägib sellest, miks ja kuidas on vaja omada […]

Fair Design Week in Ida-Virumaa

From April 18, Narva hosted the innovative Fair Design Week, showcasing the vibrant creative business scene of Ida-Virumaa. This event marked a significant step in aligning with the global shift towards green thinking, offering both residents and visitors a unique blend of modern cinema, fashion, design, and crafts. The Fair Design Week aimed to foster […]

Narva’s Young Urbanists Envision the City’s Future in “Narva DIY2050” Exhibition

In a recent showcase at Narva, the “Narva DIY2050” exhibition presented the imaginative and forward-thinking projects of young urbanists from Narva, aged 12-14, revealing their visions for the city’s future. This exhibition, part of the wider Fair Design Week, highlighted the pressing need for modern urban design in Narva, addressing the city’s abandoned buildings and […]

Implementation of digital projects and non-profit initiatives.

As part of OBJEKT’s META program, on June 21, Yana Budkovskaya and Vera Zemskova-Rusmanova discussed the implementation of digital projects and non-profit initiatives. Yana Budskovskaya delved into the nuances of preparing project documentation and its presentation, detailing the preparation stages, key considerations, and presentation strategies. Yana, head of the early-stage startup financing fund Prototron and […]

People of the Future

In 2021, OBJEKT embarked on a visionary project, “People of the Future,” aimed at enhancing digital literacy and promoting safe online work environments. This initiative underscored our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of digitalization’s vast landscape and the potential hazards lurking within. With a comprehensive agenda covering everything from cybersecurity to smart living, the […]


OBJEKT Shorts: A Launchpad for Emerging Filmmakers in Estonia The OBJEKT Shorts training camp, designed for short film enthusiasts, is poised to begin its session on October 2, marking a significant milestone for hobby film groups across Estonia. This innovative initiative, born from a collaboration between Baltic Film, Media and Art, Tallinn University, Tallinn Dark […]

Robotics and eSports Camps

In the summer of 2021, OBJEKT hosted a series of groundbreaking robotics and eSports camps, offering a unique blend of technology, teamwork, and innovation to young enthusiasts aged 10 to 19. These free camps, held across various sessions in July and August, presented an unprecedented opportunity for participants to dive into the world of modern […]


Narva’s creative incubator, OBJEKT, proudly presents the META event series for 2021. This year-long initiative aims to empower the residents of Ida-Virumaa by introducing them to leading figures who will share their insights into the workings of the modern world, the latest technologies, and strategies for enhancing competitiveness. Whether you’re looking to change careers, start […]

OBJEKT Live Media Bootcamp

OBJEKT recently concluded its innovative free online media bootcamp, OBJEKT Live, drawing enthusiasts from various backgrounds eager to create their own podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, Insta-TV, and articles. This unique initiative offered participants a chance to engage with professionals from ERR (Estonian Broadcasting Corporation), ETV+, and many other renowned organizations. Held over five days from […]


OBJEKT Lift Elevates Ida-Viru Business Landscape Through Comprehensive Support Program The OBJEKT Lift program has successfully concluded its latest cycle, marking a significant advancement in the business development landscape of Ida-Viru. This unique business-to-business (B2B) startup and business development initiative is designed to amplify the market potential of sustainable business ideas by fostering cooperative relationships, […]

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