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Robotics and eSports Camps

In the summer of 2021, OBJEKT hosted a series of groundbreaking robotics and eSports camps, offering a unique blend of technology, teamwork, and innovation to young enthusiasts aged 10 to 19. These free camps, held across various sessions in July and August, presented an unprecedented opportunity for participants to dive into the world of modern technology and discover new passions.

The robotics camps were designed to demystify the complexities of programming and robot design. Over three intensive days, participants embarked on a journey from learning the basics of programming to designing and assembling their own robots. The curriculum was carefully crafted to introduce the promising field of artificial intelligence and its practical applications, including its use in security, medical, rescue services, and search operations. This hands-on experience aimed to inspire a deeper interest in robotics and its potential to solve real-world challenges.

Simultaneously, the eSports camps offered a vibrant exploration of competitive gaming and sports simulation. Participants engaged in tactical training both in virtual environments and in real-life scenarios, including airsoft arenas where they could apply their learning using replicas of Estonian Army weaponry. The camp not only highlighted the future of eSports but also demonstrated how professionals use sports simulators to hone their skills, offering a glimpse into the disciplined world of professional gaming.

By grouping participants according to age, OBJEKT ensured a comfortable and effective learning environment, facilitating peer learning and interaction. This approach fostered a sense of community among the participants, encouraging teamwork and collaborative problem-solving.

OBJEKT’s initiative to blend robotics with eSports in its summer camps highlighted the creative hub’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting technological literacy among the youth. By providing a platform for exploration, learning, and growth, OBJEKT has taken a significant step toward empowering the next generation of innovators and thinkers.

These camps were not just about building robots or excelling in eSports; they were about opening doors to new possibilities, igniting passions, and inspiring young minds to explore the vast potential of technology. As we look forward to future editions, OBJEKT continues to pave the way for creativity, innovation, and education in Narva and beyond.

For those interested in joining the next wave of technological explorers, stay tuned for announcements on future camps and initiatives by OBJEKT. Together, we are shaping a brighter, more innovative future.

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