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OBJEKT Shorts: A Launchpad for Emerging Filmmakers in Estonia

The OBJEKT Shorts training camp, designed for short film enthusiasts, is poised to begin its session on October 2, marking a significant milestone for hobby film groups across Estonia. This innovative initiative, born from a collaboration between Baltic Film, Media and Art, Tallinn University, Tallinn Dark Nights Film Festival PÖFF, and the OBJEKT center, is set to offer an unparalleled opportunity for participants to learn from industry professionals.

Under the guidance of Vladislav Snurnikova, the program manager and a distinguished figure in the film industry, the camp promises to bring together a diverse group of lecturers, including an “Oscar” laureate student, a screenwriter of the popular animated Internet series “Teen-Z”, and professionals from the esteemed London film production company “Rocket Science”. This eclectic mix of instructors underscores the camp’s commitment to providing a broad and deep exploration of the filmmaking process.

The camp will take place online, extending its reach to film enthusiasts across Estonia. This format ensures that regardless of geographical location, all interested individuals can access the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by the esteemed panel of experts.

Jana Budkovskaja, the visionary behind the OBJEKT creative incubator center, emphasizes the camp’s role in demystifying the film production process. By aligning the camp with the KinoFF film festival, the initiative not only educates but also showcases the talents of its participants, offering them a platform to present their work in Narva, Jõhvi, and Kohtla-Järve come November.

The camp kicks off with a cinema club meeting featuring Mihhail Komaško on September 23, setting the stage for a month of intensive learning and creative exploration. This preliminary event, hosted at the OBJEKT creative incubator, offers a prelude to the immersive experience that awaits the participants.

With the support of the Integration Fund, OBJEKT Shorts is more than just a training camp; it’s a bridge connecting aspiring filmmakers with the industry’s best, fostering a vibrant community of creative minds eager to explore the art of cinema. Vladislava Snurnikova’s enthusiasm for bringing maximum benefit to participants underscores the program’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.

For those looking to delve into the world of short filmmaking, OBJEKT Shorts presents a unique opportunity to learn, create, and showcase their talents on a prestigious platform. As the camp prepares to welcome its participants, the anticipation builds for what promises to be an inspiring journey into the heart of cinematic storytelling.

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