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People of the Future

In 2021, OBJEKT embarked on a visionary project, “People of the Future,” aimed at enhancing digital literacy and promoting safe online work environments. This initiative underscored our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of digitalization’s vast landscape and the potential hazards lurking within. With a comprehensive agenda covering everything from cybersecurity to smart living, the project carved out new pathways for learning and discussion among Ida-Viru County’s residents and beyond.

Spanning eleven enlightening sessions, “People of the Future” brought together experts and participants in a series of seminars and mentor-led discussions. These meetings were designed to spark dialogue, share knowledge, and equip attendees with the tools to navigate the digital world securely and confidently. Topics ranged widely, addressing the needs and interests of a diverse audience. From the nuances of living as citizens and non-citizens in Estonia to the intricacies of digital finance, each session was crafted to build competence and inspire innovation.

Highlighted Workshops Included:

  • Citizens and Non-Citizens Living in Estonia: An exploration of civic identity in the digital age.
  • Master Class on Smart Homes and Gardening: A practical session on Arduino and programming for everyday life.
  • Finding Creativity as an Opportunity for Self-Expression: Encouraging digital artistry and personal voice.
  • Today’s Realities of Remote Work: A discussion on navigating the shift towards digital workplaces.
  • Personal Data Protection: Strategies to safeguard against online scammers and data breaches.
  • Reliable Investments on Various Exchanges: Navigating the complex world of digital investments.
  • Online Abuse and Cyberbullying: Preventative measures and supportive environments against digital harassment.
  • Master Classes on Digital Money: Insight into the security and platforms of cryptocurrency and micro-investments.

One of the project’s highlights included an immersive masterclass on smart homes and gardening, showcasing the practical applications of Arduino programming. Another session delved into the creative opportunities for self-expression in the digital age, encouraging participants to find their unique voices across various platforms. The series also tackled pressing issues like online abuse and cyberbullying, providing strategies to protect digital identities and foster a safer internet for all.

Each workshop was meticulously recorded, ensuring that the wealth of information shared was accessible to all, regardless of physical attendance. These recordings have become a valuable resource for continued learning and reflection.

As the “People of the Future” project wrapped up, it was clear that the journey was only just beginning. The final discussions not only revisited the topics covered but also explored how participants could dive deeper into each area. The project’s success was a testament to the power of community and the shared desire to grow and adapt in an ever-evolving digital world.

Supported by the British Council Estonia, “People of the Future” was more than just a series of events; it was a movement towards empowering society through digital education. By increasing awareness of cybersecurity, promoting digital creativity, and exploring the future of work, OBJEKT has set the stage for ongoing dialogue and development in Ida-Virumaa and beyond.

As we look forward to new projects and opportunities for growth, we remain committed to building on the foundation laid by “People of the Future.” Together, we are paving the way for a more informed, secure, and innovative digital future.

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