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Narva’s Young Urbanists Envision the City’s Future in “Narva DIY2050” Exhibition

In a recent showcase at Narva, the “Narva DIY2050” exhibition presented the imaginative and forward-thinking projects of young urbanists from Narva, aged 12-14, revealing their visions for the city’s future. This exhibition, part of the wider Fair Design Week, highlighted the pressing need for modern urban design in Narva, addressing the city’s abandoned buildings and unkempt spaces while emphasizing the vital role of citizens in shaping their environment.

Participants and visitors were treated to innovative ideas aimed at revitalizing Narva, demonstrating a deep love and respect for the city’s unique beauty and heritage. Under the expert guidance of Ekaterina Zakilova and Karolin Kaup, these young visionaries worked diligently to craft proposals that blend practical urbanism with imaginative foresight.

Ekaterina Zakilova, celebrated for her commitment to conscious and socially responsible design, alongside Karolin Kaup, known for her holistic approach to interior and landscape design, led the training sessions. Both educators, affiliated with the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Architectural School in Tallinn, brought their expertise to inspire the next generation of urban planners and designers.

The event not only showcased the participants’ creative solutions for Narva’s future but also celebrated the best ideas with awards, underlining the community’s support for innovative urban development. This initiative, supported by the Integration Fund, marks a significant step towards engaging youth in the ongoing conversation about urban sustainability and the transformative power of design.

Energia’s old market. Community garden, stove and greengrocer. Here it is possible to grow and sell vegetables and herbs right in the city center, as well as a barbecue area where you can spend time with family and friends.

Park DK Gerasimov. Cat house. Project for cats and grandmothers. Cats can be temporarily housed in the facility, food is financed by local residents, and its goal is for abandoned animals to find a permanent home.

Crowded, but unused place. A place to relax with a graffiti wall that anyone can paint on to contribute to Narva’s cultural heritage.

My project contains the idea of ​​building a raft on the water in the quarry center of Narva. The idea was to revive the middle of the reservoir and give people a chance to relax in a new way! You can sunbathe on the raft, jump from it into the water, take pictures of the beautiful area.

A project that can be implemented in a career is available to all age categories. This project is a safe and comfortable launch, as well as a place to sit after swimming. In addition to all this, the descent has a roof under which you can rest from the sun on hot days and also sunbathe on the artificial grass floor.

This is a public garden. This object could be located on the site of the old market. The base of the beds is made from an old box foundation. A public garden can attract many people who do not have cottages, while it can reduce alcohol consumption at the site of the future garden.

I chose the “Send” stop at the beginning of the city.
I came up with the idea of ​​turning an abandoned building into a cafe-restaurant for everyone.
I chose this project because I lived in the area and all this time – this old building attracted negative attention and spoiled the view.

A small zoo for Akkeküla. There is also a small hill for children and a gazebo.

Observation tower for 2 people (friends or romantic couple) on Peetriplats.
A comfortable secluded spot in the open air.
It is perfect for an ordinary urban space.
Feel comfortable in the city!

This is a culture house in Kreenholm Park. I chose this object because it is very dilapidated and in a pathetic state. The whole essence of my project is to demolish the destroyed part of the building, leaving only the facade, and build a skating rink, children’s carousels, swings, a gazebo and plant trees and bushes in the place of the destruction. All this will benefit the park, and Narva will have more places for teenagers, children, and families to spend time.

There is a vacant lot near the Pähklimäe Gymnasium. A swimming pool and a gym for elementary school children can be built there.

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