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Fair Design Week in Ida-Virumaa

From April 18, Narva hosted the innovative Fair Design Week, showcasing the vibrant creative business scene of Ida-Virumaa. This event marked a significant step in aligning with the global shift towards green thinking, offering both residents and visitors a unique blend of modern cinema, fashion, design, and crafts.

The Fair Design Week aimed to foster collaboration between creative industry professionals and entrepreneurs, encouraging the creation of unique and original Estonian designs. It highlighted the diverse facets of design, including architecture, urban planning, industrial and digital design, and much more, emphasizing the role of design in various aspects of human activity.

Throughout the week, participants had the opportunity to explore the latest trends in urbanism, fashion, product design, new materials, and the principles of circular economy design. Special attention was given to how modern design can draw inspiration from cultural heritage, enriching the local creative landscape.

The event was a collaborative effort led by the creative center OBJEKT, alongside partners such as Narva Art School, the Estonian Academy of Culture, the Embassy of France in Estonia, and many others, including local art residencies, media clubs, and creative clusters.

Supported by the Integration Foundation, the Fair Design Week not only highlighted the creative potential of Ida-Virumaa but also set a precedent for future collaborations and innovations in the Estonian design industry.

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