OBJEKT Startup Hub

Implementation of digital projects and non-profit initiatives.

As part of OBJEKT’s META program, on June 21, Yana Budkovskaya and Vera Zemskova-Rusmanova discussed the implementation of digital projects and non-profit initiatives. Yana Budskovskaya delved into the nuances of preparing project documentation and its presentation, detailing the preparation stages, key considerations, and presentation strategies. Yana, head of the early-stage startup financing fund Prototron and founder of the creative hub OBJEKT, has a background in County Government and has implemented projects totaling over 75 million euros throughout her career.

Vera Zemskova-Rusmanova shared insights on creating digital products, illustrating her points with applications she has successfully launched and developed. Vera, the founder of the startup ZenFlower for international flower delivery, also introduced an application to assist refugees during the war in Ukraine, named EachOther. Her previous experiences include producing and publishing her own book.

The event provided a platform for attendees to engage in discussions and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals. It was supported by Rahandusministeerium, marking a significant contribution to the enrichment of digital and entrepreneurial skills among participants.

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